Commercial Plumbing

Commercial Plumbing

Commercial Plumbing Services

When it comes to plumbing issues in the work place, it can lead to health hazards and do some damage to your bottom line. Retail businesses, restaurants or other types of commercial facilities can all benefit from having proper plumbing work done.

When plumbing issues arise in a commercial setting, it can have devastating effects on businesses. A leak in a retail shop, for instance, can have long term effects that can’t be fixed with a band-aid solution. Not properly assessing a clogged sink can create bigger issues down the line for businesses in a corporate setting or commercial facility.

Plumbing issues in a corporate setting can also be hazardous to one’s health – both for potential customers and for employees. If you’re faced with a bigger plumbing issue, it can also lead to closed facilities and can establish a poor reputation for your business.

When it comes to commercial plumbing, it differs greatly from a residential plumbing issue and requires a different set of skills and tools. Like residential plumbing issues, it’s best to get out in front an issue before it becomes a larger problem. With commercial plumbing and facilities, there are by-laws and requirements that need to be met with a professional approach.

With everything we do, we also stress the importance of safety and awareness of all issues that can arise when it comes to commercial plumbing problems. Our main objective is to add more value to your business operations and ensure everything is running smoothly.

We have access to state of the art drain cleaning equipment to handle any blocked drain issue which may arise, whether it’s snaking a 2” commercial glass washer drain or snaking a 4” sanitary building drain. We have power flushing equipment with specifically trained personnel that specialize in these situations.

Commercial Plumbing

Commercial Plumbing Solutions

We do many commercial plumbing modifications ranging from relocating office kitchens to adding urinals in men’s washrooms. We recommend installing more floor drains in food preparation facilities.

Preferred Plumbing Solutions takes pride in our choice of commercial plumbing fixtures. For example, we supply and install pressure assisted toilets which will never block up with normal use. In fact, Pressure assisted toilets are 98% less likely to block up than standard commercial grade toilets. We have access to all commercial brand replacement parts, as well. We replace all piping whether it’s ½”, ¾”, 1”, copper pipe, PVC system 15, XFR, or cast iron.

Emergency Plumbing Services

As important as it is for your business to remain operational and functioning, having a plumbing issue can put your business’ reputation in jeopardy. There is no good time to have a toilet clogged or a leaky drain pipe. We offer all of our commercial customers emergency solutions as is needed. Our emergency plumbing services extend out to weekends and holidays when your business is not operating but need to be functioning when it is. We use all state of the art equipment and utilize our fully stocked fleet of vehicles to fix any issue you might have so you can get back to handling your business

Sump Pump Services

While natural calamities happen and can cause flooding in a place of business or corporate facility, it’s always important to have preventative measures in place. Having your sump pump operating properly can help be your last line of defense against flooding. Flooding can cause serious damage in any facility – residential or commercial – and you want to make sure your business is covered from every angle.

Your sump pump will be installed in the lowest part of the building and the water would be diverted to the sump pit. A float switch will trigger the sump pump when water reaches a certain level. We will provide maintenance and repairs to all types of commercial sump pumps and make sure they are working properly.

backflow prevention

Drain Replacement

Business owners fear of drain replacement as they can cause flooding in the store/ office or a waterlog a bathroom due to leaks.

The damage for a business can be costly as a flood can cause a business can overwhelm and cause panic and is something no business owner wants to deal with.

Backflow Services

As part of our quality commercial services, we offer backflow services to help reverse flow the dirty water through your clean water lines.

Often, dirty water can contain pesticides and hazardous materials and can cause health issues. When a backflow occurs, it’s often through a cross-connection.

Our technicians can install a backflow prevention device and prevent all dirty water from flowing back into your main clean water stream.

City codes around Toronto will require the installation of a backflow preventer at each cross-connection in the plumbing system. Our service technicians can come in and test, repair and install all types of backflow preventers so your business can run smoothly.

Water Heater Services

For commercial businesses, it’s extremely important to have an operational water heater. Water heaters are a necessity when it comes to restaurants and other commercial businesses. There are many options for water heaters, including conventional types and tankless water heaters.

Our recommendation is a modern-type tankless water heater which is more energy efficient as it only heats the required amount of water. Other types of water heaters are the hybrid heaters that combine the conventional tank storage with a heat pump. They can reduce water heating costs by 60 percent! Our technicians can help with any type of water heater installations and can assist in modifying or fixing any faulty ones.

As a value add to our commercial services, we will always provide ongoing service for your appliances and plumbing systems. Our routine checkups and maintenance for your commercial facility can go a long way to ensuring everything is always intact and running smoothly and you can focus on your business properly.

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