Dealing With Hard Water Or Scale Buildup In Your Home?

You may be looking for a water softener to help with hard water, scale buildup, or other issues that are caused by hard water. This is a revolutionary solution that will save you money and clean up your drinking water at home.

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Stop Using Water Softener

Hard water will interfere with everything to do with using water and in particular cleaning tasks, be it laundry or dishwashing. Dishes and glasses will form spots after drying and will form a slight film on shower doors, walls, faucets, and tubs. When hair is washed using hard water, it will feel dull and stiff. Oftentimes, when dealing with hard water in water systems, combined with certain soaps or detergents used for cleaning, a curd-like sticky soap substance will form. For dishes and glasses used in hard water, it can have lasting effects through spotting and discoloration. When hard water is effectively used in your water systems, it can also cause great inefficiencies and actually cost you more to operate home appliances. Hard water can slowly become a nuisance for your home and your family. But there is a solution.

Preferred Plumbing Solutions

Scale buildup is hard on the plumbing systems. Instead of spending money on the water softener, we have a solution that will fix the issue permanently and reduce your electricity and water bill. A revolutionary water filtration system.

Save $100 On Any Residential Plumbing Service You Need

Available throughout March, 2023. Watch the video or call us to get the details!

Introducing Flow-Tech Water Filter System

Developed by a team of chemical engineers and scientists, the Flow-Tech water filter system uses a unique induction method that will treat the water in your home 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. What the system does is use a low-frequency signal emitted several thousand times per second and proliferated throughout the entire plumbing system. The new state creates new seed crystals that will remain in the water and wash away with the wastewater over time. Whether the water is moving or not, Flow-Tech will continuously treat your water through its proprietary treating methods.

Does Not Use Salts Or Chemicals
No Wasted Water
Flow-tech Increases Energy Efficiency
Reduced Soap And Detergent Usage
Removal Of Existing Scale Build
No Maintenance Required
No Slick Of Slimy Feel
100% Satisfaction guaranteed
We Encourage Our Customers To Take Advantage Of This Extraordinary Product.
Protects Appliances And Fixtures
Because It’s Mounted On The Wall, It Takes Up Minimal Space.

Why Choose Us

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Take Advantage Of This Extraordinary Water Filtration System.

At Preferred Plumbing Solutions, we will provide you with an extended warranty on all plumbing service work done in your home when installed concurrently with a Flow-Tech Water System installation.

It will protect your piping system from scale buildup of the hard water and render the minerals harmless and water will be less aggressive.

As a result, any work we do in your home will last longer and run more efficiently.

Do you have questions or are not sure how the water filter system works? Give us a call. Preferred Plumbing Solutions is a Markham-based company that has exclusive rights to this technology in Canada.

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