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kleinburg Plumber

For both residential and corporate clients, Kleinburg Preferred Plumbing Solutions is the go-to company for all plumbing needs. Whether it’s replacing copper pipes that can cause some major health concerns or an emergency plumbing crisis that needs the immediate attention of professional emergency plumbers, we’re the ones to call for fast, professional service.

FlowTech For Your Home

Hard water causes plumbing parts in homes to wear off quickly. There’s a solution that Preferred Plumbing Solutions has been applying in Kleinburg. Safe water and make your house energy-efficient with FlowTech water system.

One of the great advantages of working with Kleinburg Preferred Plumbing Solutions is that we use pex piping, which is proving a healthier and more effective alternative to copper plumbing. Most homes that were built before 2004 have copper piping. While usually functioning in the short-term, that copper piping can cause lots of long-term problems for those who stick with it.

Among the problems associated with copper piping that Kleinburg Preferred Plumbing Solutions can solve is the potential for ferrous material to get picked up by water that travels through the pipes. Drinking a glass of water, you’d never notice it. Over time, though, it’s likely that you’ll end up consuming copper as you drink water that has come through the pipes. This can create major health complications as you consume more copper over time.

On a brighter note, pex piping also improves the flow of water through your pipes, meaning that you’ll experience greater water pressure as the end user. The flexibility of pex piping largely eliminates the need for 90 degree elbows. Those elbows dramatically slow the flow of water through the pipes, and with pex piping, they’re not used nearly as frequently. As a result, you’ll notice water flowing faster when you use your faucet.

Whether you’re looking to replace the piping in your home or office, or you need a major plumbing problem handled immediately, give Kleinburg Preferred Plumbing Solutions a call today. We’ll offer prompt, professional service that gives you the peace of mind that comes from working with the experts. Need a plumber near you? contact us.

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