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Thornhill Preferred Plumbing Solutions is the only plumbing service that the city’s residents will ever need. From handling residential plumbing emergencies to routine or preventive maintenance, we can handle plumbing jobs of any size.

We understand how important your plumbing is, even if it’s the kind of thing that you seldom give any thought to. We’re especially proud of the fact that we can help keep you and your family safe from the dangers associated with copper piping systems by replacing them with pex piping. This ensures that your drinking water won’t pick up ferrous material as it travels through the pipes in your home in Thornhill.

Flow-Tech For Your Home

Hard water causes plumbing parts in homes to wear off quickly. There’s a solution that Preferred Plumbing Solutions has been applying in Thornhill. Safe water and make your house energy-efficient with FlowTech water system.

Beyond causing health concerns, copper piping is also a serious threat to your home and the belongings therein. Although it will function fully for some time, eventually the chemical reaction known as oxidation, which occurs when copper comes into contact with oxygen, will corrode your pipes. If you’re lucky, the result will be a simple leak. Left untreated – or if you’re unlucky – it could manifest as a broken pipe, potentially costing you tens of thousands of dollars depending on how bad the break is and what’s near it when it goes.

At Thornhill Preferred Plumbing Solutions, we treat your home like our own. We offer professional service that solves (or, preferably, prevents) the problems that result from poor or worn pipes. When handling emergencies, we work as quickly as we can while maintaining the highest industry standards to ensure that you and your loved ones can get back to life as usual with minimal interruption.

Call Thornhill Preferred Plumbing Solutions today to speak with one of our experts’ plumber nearby about your needs. Once we have a handle on the situation, we’ll offer you a quote on the services that you require.

We look forward to serving you and your loved ones with excellent plumbing Markham services.

Thornhill Plumber

Thornhill Residential Plumbing Services

We provide a variety of residential plumbing services to our customers in Thornhill:

Thornhill Emergency Plumbing Services

We provide a variety of emergency plumbing services to our customers in Thornhill:

Thornhill Flow-Tech Water Treatment Services

We provide Flow-Tech Water Treatment to our customers in Thornhill:
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water Efficiency

Thornhill Backwater Valve Services

We provide Backwater Valve services to our customers in Thornhill:

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Thornhill, ON

A suburb of York and north of the city, Thornhill is a growing community with many families. In the early 1930’s Thornhill was known as a Police village but slowly converted to a suburb with its proximity to the famed Yonge Street and burgeoning community. Developments and housing have sprung up since the 1960s and 70s, including many housing complexes and condominiums, to the over 120,000 residents.

With its diversity in both the residents and houses, Thornhill presents a unique blend of homes with all different types of plumbing systems and units. At Preferred Plumbing, we are always pleased to enter a home in Thornhill because of its diverse learning curves and vast learning experiences.

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Yes. That means the internal parts are failing and are no longer operating correctly, and you are losing water.

Yes, it may be a very slow leak, more of a seapage situation. Or perhaps it’s intermittent, either way, it should be investigated.

It totally depends on the mineral level in the water and the voliume of us. Some toilets will need servicing or replacing at the 5 year mark, some may last 20 years.

Although Tankless water heaters are more energy-efficient, every family will have different demands and needs.

Yes, it is a problem, it means that the drain is very dirty with organic waste and grease. There is an accumulation of waste that requires professional help.

It may be sewer gas coming from a part of the sanitary plumbing system. A professional should be called out to inspect.

It may be a shower head issue, diverter spout issue, or internal component failure. This is also caused by scale in the water

Stiff faucets are caused by worn internal components such as cartridges. This is due to the hardness of the water.

A piece of equipment that replaces the calcium and magnesium as well as most minerals through ionic exchange from your water supply system

Yes! Our revolutionary Flow-Tech Anti-Scale system renders all the minerals in your water supply plumbing system harmless without the bulky and invasive aspects of a water softener. The Flow-Tech is a water conditioner, not a water softener.

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