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If you have an emergency plumbing situation in Vaughan, Preferred Plumbing Solutions can take care of it quickly and professionally. Whether you have a leaky faucet, noisy pipes, or even a burst pipe, our team is well equipped to solve the problem.

We understand just how disruptive a plumbing problem can be. You may have a room that’s flooded, a shower that doesn’t work, or even be unable to pour yourself a glass of water. That’s why we respond with as much urgency as you do.

Although resolving plumbing problems is an important part of the jobs of specialists at Vaughan Preferred Plumbing Solutions, we much prefer to stop problems before they occur. Unfortunately, most homes constructed prior to 2004 feature copper plumbing systems. While they can function for a while without any noticeable problems, it’s just a matter of time before one crops up. If you have copper pipes, it’s best to make the change before your situation becomes an emergency.

FlowTech For Your Home

Hard water causes plumbing parts in homes to wear off quickly. There’s a solution that Preferred Plumbing Solutions has been applying in Vaughan. Safe water and make your house energy-efficient with FlowTech water system.

Vaughan Preferred Plumbing Solutions can replace your copper pipes with pex pipes. Making the change is good for both your family and your home. Water traveling through copper pipes picks up sedimentary traces of copper. While you’d never notice that drinking a single glass of water, consuming water that has concentrations of copper in it over long periods of time will likely lead to health complications. Pex pipes don’t have any types of sediment for the water to pick up, so with our pipes you’ll never have to worry about that.

Copper pipes are also subject to a chemical reaction known as oxidation. Oxidation occurs when copper comes into contact with oxygen. Over time, this wears down the pipes until you end up with a leak – or a burst pipe.

Call Vaughan Preferred Plumbing Solutions today to speak with us about your commercial and residential plumbing needs and learn more about how our plumbers nearby can protect you, your family, and your home from the ill effects of copper piping. We’ll be happy to offer you a quote on the service you require.

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