Hot Water Tank Heat Setting

Ensuring you never run out of hot water when you need it most!

Living in Canada, your hot water tank heat setting and temperature can have effects on your health on a few spectrums.

The Ontario building code for your hot water temperature should be set anywhere between 45-60 degrees Celsius. With good reason. Across the country many emergency room admitted attribute their burn injuries to scalding hot water from their tap. Modifying this temperature to help burn victims was proposed but ultimately withstood at 60 degrees to accommodate all.

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The Perils Of Insufficient Hot Water

Hot water heater settings have resulted in forms of life-affecting disease. A rare form of pneumonia called Legionnaires’ disease hospitalizes many due to bacteria found in household’s water heaters. The bacteria forms in water below 50 degrees and are harmful to those with weak immune systems, like the elderly or children. Keeping your temperature at or above 60 degrees helps prevent the proliferation of bacteria.  This is why it was legislated to maintain the temperature as outlined above.

Some in the industry believe that by bleeding your hot water heater annually will prevent the formation of bacteria. Today that procedure has been deemed a futile option and will also reduce the lifespan of your water unit.

What Can You Do For Your Home Hot Water Tank Heat Setting?

To properly gauge your temperature and prevent scalding burns from your tap water, it’s recommended to buy a temperature-controlling device. Affixed to your unit, a mixing valve will keep your water temperature consistently at the desired temperature, mixing cold and hot water evenly. The device is compatible with all fixtures and units and will infinitely reduce the risk of hot scalding.

Basic Prevention Tips

As a homeowner, it’s often cumbersome to install added features to your devices. We recommend calling your local plumber or taking the following precautions in your home:

  • Always have an adult run the bath and check the temperature before administering a bath to a child.
  • Show your children to turn on the cold water tap first and shut down the hot water first
  • Don’t drink hot water from the tap – heat up cold water in an external urn or water heater
  • Refrain from disconnecting the fuse for the water heater when you leave home for a few days. The water temperature should be maintained at the recommended temperature even when you’re away!

Keeping your family safe is a top priority for all of us. Our home appliances and devices can sometimes become hazardous to our health and we all need to take the necessary precautions to ensure that. See a complete list of our plumbing services.

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Although tankless water heater are more energy efficient, every family will have different demands and needs.
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