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Being a professional Plumber East York, Preferred Plumbing Solutions is your one stop shop for all of your plumbing needs. From emergencies that require immediate service from the best professionals in the business to replacements of entire plumbing systems, our emergency plumbers are prepared to help you get the results you desire.

Of all of the services that we provide, we’re most proud of our ability to alleviate people’s concerns about the drinkability of their water. With many other kinds of pipes, water running through them can accumulate sediment of ferrous material. While unnoticeable in the short-term, this material can easily lead to long-term health problems. Our customers will never have to worry about that because we use pex piping. With pex piping, there’s no sediment for the water to pick up. Problem solved!

Flow-Tech For Your Home

Hard water causes plumbing parts in homes to wear off quickly. There’s a solution that Preferred Plumbing Solutions has been applying in North York. Safe water and make your house energy-efficient with Flow-Tech water system.

In terms of the more luxurious uses of the services provided by East York Preferred Plumbing Solutions, increased water flow is one that our customers appreciate. The malleability of the material that we use with pex piling allows water to flow through pipes without most of the 90 degree elbows that are used with most other types of pipes. What this means is that you experience increased water pressure in all of your faucets. Imagine the difference between the water pressure you have in the shower now and taking a shower with the flow that our pipes allow.

East York Preferred Plumbing Solutions also handles the needs of corporate clients. Many are especially appreciative of our ability to replace noisy pipes with pex pipes. Because of the malleability of our materials, you don’t have to deal with those annoying noisy pipes. Employees are happier and more productive as a result.

If you need a major plumbing job done, if you’re dealing with a plumbing emergency that requires immediate attention, or when you look for a plumber near you call East York Preferred Plumbing Solutions for a fast and professional solution.

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Plumber East York Residential Services

We provide a variety of residential plumbing services to our customers in East York:

Plumber East York Emergency Services

We provide a variety of emergency plumbing services to our customers in East York:

Plumber East York Flow-Tech Water Treatment Services

We provide Flow-Tech Water Treatment to our customers in East York:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water Efficiency

East York Backwater Valve Services

We provide Backwater Valve services to our customers in East York:

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East York

East York has become a great starting point for young homeowners in the Toronto region. East York was known for its agricultural prowess and was home to many returning World War II veterans in the 1940s. Not far from the Don River, East York has blossomed into a bustling small town with modern shops and updated homes.

Many homes in East York have grown from one floor bungalows to upgraded two-story households with modern fixtures and appliances. East York is home to a healthy blend of new home models and older, more solid fixtures. We are fully equipped to tackle any home – large or small, with all the different styles of homes and models.

Our office is located in Markham and we can easily get to any place in East York. When you look for a good plumber Markham, think of Prerferred Plumbing Solutions Inc.

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Old East York, Thorncliffe park, The Danforth, Leaside, Danforth Village, Crescent Town, East Danforth, O’Connor – Parkview, Leslieville, Pape Village, Upper Beaches, Riverdale, The Beaches, Rosedale, Willowdale, Moore Park, Forest Hill North, Lawrence Park, Broadview North, Woodbine Heights, Playter Estates, Flemingdon Park, Parkdale, Bermondsey, Harbourfront, Greenwood – Coxwell, Yonge–Eglinton, St. James Town, Alexandra Park, Woodbine – Lumsden, West Hill, Don Mills. Plumber East York.

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Yes. That means the internal parts are failing and are no longer operating correctly, and you are losing water.

Yes, it may be a very slow leak, more of a seapage situation. Or perhaps it’s intermittent, either way, it should be investigated.

It totally depends on the mineral level in the water and the voliume of us. Some toilets will need servicing or replacing at the 5 year mark, some may last 20 years.

Although Tankless water heaters are more energy-efficient, every family will have different demands and needs.

Yes, it is a problem, it means that the drain is very dirty with organic waste and grease. There is an accumulation of waste that requires professional help.

It may be sewer gas coming from a part of the sanitary plumbing system. A professional should be called out to inspect.

It may be a shower head issue, diverter spout issue, or internal component failure. This is also caused by scale in the water

Stiff faucets are caused by worn internal components such as cartridges. This is due to the hardness of the water.

A piece of equipment that replaces the calcium and magnesium as well as most minerals through ionic exchange from your water supply system

Yes! Our revolutionary Flow-Tech Anti-Scale system renders all the minerals in your water supply plumbing system harmless without the bulky and invasive aspects of a water softener. The Flow-Tech is a water conditioner, not a water softener.

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