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Sewer Back Up Plumber In Leaside, East York

Drain and Sewer Repairs

Preferred Plumbing Solutions Inc. is the premier provider of drain and sewer repairs in Leaside and East York, offering fast and reliable service to address any issues experienced with your plumbing system. When it comes to sewer backup problems, few companies can match our expertise or experience. Our team of professional plumbers has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to dealing with this specialized issue, meaning we will get the job done right the first time.

Comprehensive Services

At Preferred Plumbing Solutions Inc., we understand how frustrating it can be when you experience a backed-up sewer line in your home or business. We are committed to providing comprehensive services that are tailored specifically for our customers in Leaside and East York. Our services include drain cleaning, hydro jetting, auguring, camera inspection, pipe lining, and rooter services. With these powerful tools at our disposal, you can count on us to provide effective solutions for even the toughest blockages.

Our team also takes pride in being able to effectively diagnose sewer back-ups so that we can provide timely repairs without any disruption or inconvenience to your lifestyle. We use advanced tools such as CCTV camera inspections to quickly locate and identify any issues within your pipes so that they can be addressed promptly and accurately. Our technicians also make sure that all repair work is completed properly using high-quality materials so you won’t have to worry about having recurring problems down the line.

When it comes to addressing sewer backup issues in Leaside and East York homes and businesses, trust Preferred Plumbing Solutions Inc. for unbeatable customer service and superior results every time!

Your Local Sewer Backup Experts

Preferred Plumbing Solutions Inc. is the local sewer backup expert in Leaside, East York. We specialize in providing our customers with fast and effective solutions to ensure their plumbing systems are running efficiently and safely. Our experienced technicians have years of experience dealing with this type of issue and understand the importance of quick action when it comes to a sewer backup situation. We provide all weeks of emergency service, so you can count on us to be there for you whatever time of day or night it may be.

Water Leaks Can Sneak Up On You

Water leaks can be a sneaky problem that can go unnoticed for long periods of time, causing extensive damage to your home and skyrocketing your water bill. It is essential to regularly inspect for any signs of water leakage in order to prevent costly repairs and inconvenience down the road. Fortunately, Preferred Plumbing Solutions Inc. offers a variety of services and solutions to help identify water leaks and address them quickly before they become a much bigger issue.

For instance, one-way Preferred Plumbing Solutions Inc. locates leaks through the use of state-of-the-art acoustic detection equipment which detects the sound of escaping water around plumbing systems and other hard-to-reach areas. This specialized equipment allows technicians to pinpoint the location of the leak accurately without damaging any walls or ceilings in order to repair it correctly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is sewer backup causing a mess?

Sewer backups can be an unexpected and unpleasant surprise when it comes to residential plumbing. When sewage starts to back up into your home, it can cause a major disruption in your life, creating an emergency situation that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.

If you’re in Leaside, East York or Toronto and are facing a sewer back-up, it’s important to call in a Preferred Plumbing Solutions Inc. professional plumber who has experience handling these situations. At our company, we have the expertise and equipment needed to quickly and effectively resolve any sewage issues you may be experiencing.

What To Do If Your Sewer Backs Up?
  • Stop using all plumbing fixtures immediately. This will help prevent further damage and reduce the risk of sewage spilling out onto your property.

  • Locate the main sewer line clean out. This is typically a pipe with a cap that is located near the foundation of your home, usually near the front or back yard.

  • Remove the cap from the clean out and use a plumbing snake or auger to clear any blockages. If you do not have a plumbing snake, you can try using a hose to flush out the blockage.

  • If you are unable to clear the blockage, or if the sewer continues to back up, you should call a Preferred Plumbing Solutions Inc. They will have the tools and expertise to properly diagnose and fix the issue.

  • If sewage has spilled out onto your property, you will need to clean and disinfect the affected area. This should be done as soon as possible to minimize the risk of illness or injury.

What are common drain pipe problems?

Common drain pipe problems can be the result of clogging, tree root intrusion, corrosion, broken pipes, or shifts and settlement in the ground. Clogs occur when too much material accumulates inside the pipes such as hair, dirt, grease buildup and other debris. Tree roots can intrude into pipes due to their search for moisture and nutrients.

My kitchen drain is draing very slowly, is this a problem?

Yes, it is a problem, it means that the drain is very dirty with organic waste and grease. There is an accumulation of waste that requires professional help.

What is the difference between hard and soft water?

Here at Preferred Plumbing Solutions Inc., one of the most common questions we receive is about the differences between hard and soft water. Hard water contains minerals like calcium and magnesium, which can cause scale to build up in pipes and appliances over time. Soft water on the other hand, is free of those minerals, allowing soap to lather better and providing a gentler touch. In addition, soft water can assist with reducing soap scum in sinks and showers while helping reverse some of the damage caused by hard water. Ultimately, the key difference between hard and soft water has to do with those mineral levels and their effects on plumbing systems.

How often should I have my drains cleaned?

Preferred Plumbing Solutions Inc. recommends that you have your drains cleaned every two years to ensure optimal performance of the system and to prevent any clogs from building up. Scheduling regular drain cleaning appointments is a great proactive measure to maintain your plumbing and extend the life of your system. Professional maintenance and care can help you avoid expensive backups or repairs down the road!

What is a water softener?

A piece of equipment that replaces the calcium and magnesium as well as most minerals through ionic exchange from your water supply system

Is there a cheaper and easier alternative to a water softener?

Yes! Our revolutionary Flow-Tech Anti-Scale system renders all the minerals in your water supply plumbing system harmless without the bulky and invasive aspects of a water softener. The Flow-Tech is a water conditioner, not a water softener.

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