Flow-Tech Water System

Revolutionizing plumbing efficiency for smoother water flow and reduced maintenance!

Flow-Tech Water System is a new solution to treating hard water in your home. It resolves many issues around hard water. After assessing an issue in your home, plumbers will often throw around the term “hard water” to explain the water in your system. And while it can be confusing to some, it has an enormous impact on your home’s pipes and water systems. 

The effects of hard water can be felt through many tasks done in a home. Hard water will interfere with nearly all cleaning tasks, be it laundry or dishwashing. It will affect the water in the bathtubs and sinks as well. When clothes come out of the washing machine using hard water, it will often come out looking dirty and spotty and will feel harsher than usual.

What Damage Can Hard Water Cause

Calcium and magnesium, when dissolved into water, are the two most common minerals to make water “hard”. When water moves through rock and soil, it will dissolve a small number of minerals and will hold them in solution. The degree of hardness will depend on the amount of calcium and magnesium content that will accumulate in the water.

The effects of hard water can be felt through many tasks done in a home. Hard water will interfere with nearly all cleaning tasks, be it laundry or dishwashing. It will affect the water in the bathtubs and sinks as well. When clothes come out of the washing machine using hard water, it will often come out looking dirty and spotty and will feel harsher than usual.

Dishes and glasses will form spots after drying and will form a slight film on shower doors, walls, faucets and tubs. When hair is washed using hard water, it will feel dull and stiff. Often times, when dealing with hard water in water systems, combined with certain soaps or detergents used for cleaning, a curd-like sticky soap substance will form. Some detergents will be proven to be less effective because though it dissolves in the water, its active ingredients will be deactivated.

When bathing with soap in hard water, there can often be a slight film of sticky soaps on the skin and may not remove certain soils and bacteria. Some of these soap curds can lead to irritation of the skin and hair washed in hard water can come out dull and hard to maintain. In your washing machines, these hard soap clusters will lodge in the fabric and render the clothing stiff and rough. By not being able to completely remove the soil off the clothing, it will cause slight colour discolouration of the clothes and loss of brightness. Sometimes an odour can form from the clothing and even after continuous launderings in hard water, can at times shorten the lifespan of the clothes.

For dishes and glasses used in hard water, it can have lasting effects through spotting and discolouration. When hard water is effectively used in your water systems, it can also cause great inefficiencies and actually cost you more to operate home appliances.

By heating and reheating the water, it will contribute to the scale of the calcium and magnesium buildup and will cause your appliances to use more energy throughout the home.

Pipes can also be clogged due to the buildup and will reduce the water flow throughout the house. While hard water can be a nuisance, it’s not hazardous to your health. In fact, the calcium and magnesium buildup and subsequently into your food and water intake can help contribute to your daily diet.

However, if you have iron deficiencies or manganese, you may want to check the arsenic levels of the hard water in your home.

In order to remedy your home of hard water, there are a few solutions to this problem. There are pre-packaged water softeners that use a mechanical unit. These use chemicals to help control the hardness of the water.

A precipitating water softener though, can increase the alkalinity of the cleaning solution and can cause skin damage on other household materials. Through the use of a non-precipitating water system, it will use a more complex system to ensure there is no alkalinity increase and won’t form deposits.

Over time, it will help dissolve the soap curds that will build up for a period of time. These mechanical water softener systems can be installed into a homeowner’s plumbing system to continuously remove the calcium and magnesium buildups.

However, because of the sodium content in the softened water, some people may be advised by their doctors to not install them and only soften the hot water.

Some residential plumbing systems provide a cold water line for drinking and cooking and use a separate faucet at the sink for softened water. Softened water using this system is also not recommended for watering plants or the lawn or garden due to its sodium content. It’s best to use a water tester to test for hardness and iron content when selecting a mechanical water softener. Ask your local plumber to check this for you, as you may only need to control the iron and manganese of your water and not soften the water mechanically.


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Introducing Flow-Tech Water Systems

There is another new innovative solution to treating hard water in your home. It’s called Flow-Tech Waters systems and it’s revolutionizing the water treatment world. Not only does this system control the limescale buildup of magnesium and calcium but is also maintenance-free and eco-friendly.

Developed by a team of chemical engineers and scientists, the Flow-Tech system uses a unique induction method that will treat the water in your home 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. What the system does is use a low-frequency signal emitted several thousand times per second and proliferated throughout the entire plumbing system.

These signals reverse the charge on the minerals that eventually dissolve in the water. The new state creates new seed crystals that will remain in the water and wash away with the wastewater over time. Whether the water is moving or not, Flow-Tech will continuously treat your water through its proprietary treatment methods.

When the Flow-Tech system is purchased, your plumber will walk you through the ins and outs of every step of the installation process and how to better monitor the water in your home.

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Where Can It Be Installed?

The Flow-Tech Water system can be installed in a spot right above your water heater for ease of use and comfort. When you use the Flow-Tech system with preferred plumbing, we will guarantee the following benefits:

  • Does not use salts or chemicals
  • No wasted water
  • Flow-Tech Increases energy efficiency
  • Reduced soap and detergent usage
  • Protects appliances and fixtures
  • Removal of existing scale build
  • Convenient
  • No maintenance required
  • No slick of slimy feel
  • Because it’s mounted on the wall, it takes up minimal space.
  •  100% Satisfaction guaranteed.

We encourage our customers to take advantage of this extraordinary product. At Preferred Plumbing Solutions, we will provide you with an extended warranty on all plumbing services in Toronto done in your home when installed concurrently with a Flow-Tech Water System installation. It will protect your piping system and render the minerals harmless and water will be less aggressive. As a result, any work we do in your home will last longer and run more efficiently. Flow-Tech Home Anti-Scale System Features and Benefits

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my faucets stiff and so difficult to operate?
Stiff faucets are caused by worn internal components such as cartridges. This is due to the hardness of the water.
What is a water softener?
A piece of equipment that replaces the calcium and magnesium as well as most minerals through ionic exchange from your water supply system
Is there a cheaper and easier alternative to a water softener?
Yes! Our revolutionary Flow-Tech Anti-Scale system renders all the minerals in your water supply plumbing system harmless without the bulky and invasive aspects of a water softener. The Flow-Tech is a water conditioner, not a water softener.
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