• clogged sink VaughanClogged Sink
    Clogged sink are caused by a buildup of hair, food, organic waste or many other things. Here are a few ideas to help.Read More »
  • Drain Replacement MarkhamDrain Replacement
    Drain replacement is a common fear in most homes and businesses as they can cause flooding or a waterlog a bathroom due to leaks.Read More »
  • How To Fix Blocked DrainHow To Clear A Blocked Drain?
    It’s important to know how to clear a blocked drain of any debris and more importantly, how to prevent the clog from returning.Read More »
  • Hot Water Tap OutsideHot Water Tap Outside
    Our service technicians have been busy installing hot water tap outside of homes with the intention of watering the grass or filling outdoor kiddie pools. With the temperatures getting hot outside and the kids home for the unforeseeable future this Read More »
  • plumbing during COVID-19Plumbing Services During COVID-19
    With COVID-19 taking over our everyday lives both personally and professionally, we’d like to share our updated policies and safety procedures that we’ve implemented as a result. Living and working in a time of a pandemic requires extreme Read More »
  • Water EfficiencyEnergy Efficiency with Flow-Tech
    Many Canadians have issues with their energy efficiency due to hard water in their plumbing systems. What makes water hard is the calcium and magnesium in the water or minerals in the water. It’s the white build-up you’ll see over time: Read More »
  • sump pump replacementsSump Pump Replacements
    In the event of a power outage on a rainy day, sump pump replacements can be one of the most important plumbing repairs your house will need. A non-operational sump pump can result in a flooded basement and wreak havoc on your home. We recommend Read More »
  • drain hot water tankHow to drain a hot water tank
    One of the most overlooked chores homeowners should do regularly is drain a hot water tank. Easy to pass by, your water tank accumulates mineral deposits and filth over time. By draining your hot water tank, it allows for it to run more efficiently Read More »
  • backwater valveBackwater Valve and Your Home
    When there’s a heavy rainfall in Toronto, there’s a great risk of basements getting overfilled and homeowners having to deal with a water backup issue. Worse, homeowners can also deal with dirty raw sewage parading into their basements, causing Read More »
  • Hot water tank heat settingHot water tank heat setting
    Living in Canada, your hot water tank heat setting and temperature can have effects on your health on a few spectrums. The Ontario building code for your hot water temperature should be set anywhere between 45-60 degrees Celsius. With good reason. Read More »
  • toilet leaking at baseWhy is my toilet leaking at the base?
    A common problem among household bathrooms is a toilet leaking at the base. Homeowners will often ignore the issue, don’t see it as a problem and hope it goes away. Over time, water becomes foul and dirty and will normally collect in the subfloor, Read More »
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