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Preferred Plumbing Solutions Inc. is the leading provider of professional plumbing services in Aurora and the rest of York Region. Our team of certified plumbers is committed to delivering quality results and same-day service, for all your residential and emergency needs. Whether it’s a drain problem, a blocked drain, or a clogged sink, our experienced plumbers have the skills and knowledge to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and at a competitive cost.

Our plumbing technicians are highly trained in the latest technology, equipment, and techniques for unblocking drains and providing all kinds of plumbing repairs throughout Aurora. We’re dedicated to providing you with prompt and reliable service that surpasses industry standards for customer satisfaction.

Preferred Plumbing Solutions Inc.

Whether you’re dealing with a minor clog or water damage from a burst pipe in your home, Preferred Plumbing Solutions Inc.’s team of experts will be there to provide timely solutions that will exceed your expectations. We use only top-of-the-line products ensuring our repairs are permanent.. You can always count on us for competitive pricing and superior service!

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We understand how important it is to address plumbing issues as quickly as possible; that’s why we offer all-week emergency services, should you ever need us on short notice. Our friendly staff is always available to help with any questions you may have before, during, or after the repair process.!

At Preferred Plumbing Solutions Inc., we take pride in being your go-to source for all things related to plumbing problems in Aurora – we are expert blocked drain plumbers, as well as water damage specialists! Contact your Aurora plumber today, if you’re looking for dependable professionals who can provide quick solutions and superior service.

Tips and Tricks to Prevent Blocked Drains

  • Blocked drains can be a disruptive and costly problem, so it’s best to take preventative measures before one happens.
  • Some tips and tricks for avoiding blockages include:
  • Avoid pouring grease, oils, or fats down the drain.
  • Regularly inspect plumbing fixtures for signs of clogs or blockages.
  • Use strainers in bathtubs, showers, and sinks to catch hair, food particles, and other debris.
  • Run hot water through the drain after every use to flush away any lingering food particles.
  • Periodically remove accumulated sediment with a wet vacuum or other suitable tools.
  • Routinely inspect pipes connected to the main sewer line for obstruction or damage.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your drains remain free-flowing and work properly for many years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer emergency services?
Yes, we offer emergency plumbing services and same day plumbing services in Aurora and York Region. If you have an emergency plumbing situation, please contact us.
What is a blockage or clogging?
A blockage or clogging occurs when a drain is blocked or partially blocked, preventing the free flow of water. Clogs can be caused by a variety of things including food particles, hair, grease, oil, soap scum and other debris. Blockages can also be caused in pipes outside your house, by tree roots making their way into pipes, misplaced objects being flushed down toilets or an accumulation of sediment over time. In order to remove the blockage and restore proper drainage, professional plumbers will use tools such as plungers, augers and hydro-jetting equipment. These tools help to break up clogs so they can be more easily removed and allow for the drain to be cleared.
What causes a clogged drain?
Clogged drains are a household plumbing nuisance that can be caused by an array of sources, including grease and hair buildup as well as tree roots intruding into drain lines. Unfortunately these unwanted items frequently present homeowners with disruption and a need to remedy the issue.
What are common drain pipe problems?
Common drain pipe problems such as breaks and leaks can be the result of clogging, tree root intrusion, corrosion, broken pipes, or shifts and settlement in the ground. Clogs occur when too much material accumulates inside the pipes, including hair, dirt, grease buildup and other debris. Tree roots can intrude into pipes due to their search for moisture and nutrients
Can I use chemical drain cleaners?
Chemical drain cleaners can be effective, but they can also damage pipes and be harmful to the environment. It’s best to use them as a last resort and only use a small amount.
What are the long-term consequences of not fixing a drain problem?
Not fixing a drain problem can lead to further damage to your pipes and plumbing, resulting in costly repairs, pipe breakage, leaks, flood situations, and potential health hazards.
How can I book a service call?
To book a service call with us, simply give us a call at 905-597-8555.
We look forward to working with you soon!
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