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Outdoor Convenience: Hot Water Tap Installation for All-Season Needs

Our service technicians have been busy installing hot water taps outside of homes with the intention of watering the grass or filling outdoor kiddie pools. With the temperatures getting hot outside and the kids home for the unforeseeable future this summer, it’s time for fun water activities in the yard!

After the grueling winters we experience in Toronto, Canadians nationwide always take advantage of the summer months with water activities and days by the beach or cottage. The pandemic has forced us all to be more creative and with the province-wide shutdown of all camps or group activities, we need to bring those aquatic activities home.

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Access To Outside Tap

With the kids spending more time outdoors, our service technicians have been busy installing outdoor taps to homes with the intention of watering the grass or filling outdoor kiddie pools.

Most homes come equipped with an outdoor tap but if you want one installed, our technicians are well prepared to furnish your home with one. What we will do is connect an outdoor access to your main water source and depending on existing concrete surrounding your home piping system, should take less than an afternoon to install!

Our process of installing an outdoor tap requires a bit of complicated plumbing work but won’t interfere with your daily activities.

With an installation of an outside tap, there will be various Canadian regulations that need to be met. Our technicians will make sure all of those stipulations are covered to the utmost capacity. Using an eco-friendly water tap will help control the water use you distribute throughout your home through the summer months. We will ensure everything is up to code and you can use your outdoor water tap with little or no consequence to the environment or your water bill.

We will ensure that all contaminates or dirt from the outside don’t find its way into your home and remain in a one-way directional flow. Having a professional plumber to install an outside water tap can go a long way toward ensuring all of the safety protocols are kept. We use copper pipes and fittings that will connect the pipes to the different hot and cold water sources and will ensure there is sufficient all-weather caulking so no leaking will happen on either side.

If you’re thinking of buying a water tap online or doing the service yourself, consider the various valve sizes and measurements before. Compliance with all the correct measurements and procedures will be tantamount to guaranteeing a safe install of your outdoor water tap.

Prior to your local plumber coming to your home, it’s a good idea to locate the outdoor valve in your home. It’s usually found in a room in the ceiling of one of your basement rooms and there will be a valve that will indicate whether it’s on or off.

During the winter months, this valve should be turned off and when you want to utilize your outdoor tap, you should turn it on to allow the flow of water.

By shutting off the valve during the winter months, this prevents the pipes from freezing over and causing damage to your plumbing system, both inside and out. Dealing with frozen pipes can cause a bigger headache and will require added plumbing work to your home.

Hot Tap Water Install

Although it’s more common to have a cold water tap installed to your backyard hose, there’s also a possibility of having a hot water tap installed too.

While Canadian winters are certainly warmer than its other seasons throughout the year, finding that ideal temperature for outdoor water fun can sometimes be challenging. Installing a hot water tap will give your family an opportunity to have your water at an ideal temperature if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Hot water taps are done for a residential hot water tap. Like the cold water tap, it’s highly recommended that you contact your local plumber to get these installed.

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Installing Cold And Hot Outdoor Faucet

Outdoor Water

While the pandemic has given us our fair share of challenges, it’s nice to know that the summer months are here and we can take full advantage of the beautiful outdoor weather. Whether you’re looking to beautify your garden or give your children a water oasis, now is the time to get an outdoor water tap! With all of our family at home, it can be further enhanced with a water tap outside your home. Our certified technicians can come to your home to install them and you and your family can enjoy the summer with some outdoor water fun too! If you need a plumber for any emergency plumbing service give us a call and we would be glad to help. See a complete list of our plumbing services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a hot water tap outside?
The short answer is yes. Most people who have water tap outside, don’t have hot water and don’t know that it’s possible. Hot water tap outside is useful to wash car, fill out a pool, taking an outdoor shower and much more.
How do I add hot water to my outdoor shower?
In order to have hot water outside, the shower needs to connect to the hot water system in the house.
Our plumbers are trained and experienced to do this. Once the connection to the hot water system is made, the outside shower will have both hot and cold water.
Are outdoor showers worth it?
Installing hot water tap outside is a long term investment. If you spend time in the yard with family and friends on summer days, then it’s completely worth the investment.
How much does it cost to fit a hot tap outside?
Generally speaking, it is not a complex job and it depends on how far the tap is from the hot water system. A plumber needs to drill a hole in the wall to run a pipe for the hot water and it depends on the complexity of the job.

If you are interested in installing a hot water tap outside by a professional plumber, give us a call to get started.

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