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Dealing with a drain replacement is a common fear in most homes as it can cause flooding in a basement or a waterlogged bathroom due to leaks. The enormous cost and heartache a flood can cause a home can overwhelm and cause panic and is something no homeowner wants to deal with.

Underground Drain Repair

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What Are The Causes That Lead To Drain Replacement?

One of the causes of flooding in toilets, sinks or showers is often a result of what’s being sent down homeowners’ pipes and drains. It can be anything from overstuffing a toilet with too many tissues or a toy being thrown down a drain – and the consequences can be insurmountable.

It’s very important to keep a watchful eye on all your drains with its labyrinth piping throughout your home that at any given moment can wreak havoc over your home. Your pipes are often vulnerable to getting clogged at times – both inside and out.

Having a proper maintenance plan of action to ensure your pipes don’t get clogged can go a long way to your pipes’ longevity in your home. Oftentimes, if the clog is too much to handle, a drain replacement can be the only solution to getting your pipes back on track and working to perfection.

When To Know If You Need A Drain Replacement

As with most plumbing emergencies, a clogged drain can become hazardous to your health if not treated properly and in a timely fashion. At times, waste can pile up within your pipes and back up your shower or sink, resulting in a bad odor from your drain pipes.

Make sure you have a competent plumber nearby check out your clogged sink or shower and determine whether it needs a full replacement or not. Multiple drains with multiple clogs can become cumbersome for your piping system and might need a full replacement. Preferred Plumbing Solutions can help determine the causes and give you step-by-step solutions to rectifying those issues.

Sewer Line Re-Piping
When a trenchless repair job or backhoe isn’t enough to fix the issue, often times a full replacement of your drain is required. Re-piping can cost a lot but will be a lifetime repair that shouldn’t rear its ugly head again.

Thankfully, with new plumbing technology and the use of cutting-edge cameras that can be carefully placed through your pipes, plumbers can get to the root of the issue far before it gets to this level. Preferred Plumbing Solutions is fully licensed and trained to search for all clogs and leaks and has the know-how to properly assess the pipes to offer solutions. When drain replacement becomes a reality, we will always articulate this to our customers far in advance so they are aware that this might become a certainty.

Tree Roots And Trunks
Outside the home, a common issue plumbers will see are full tree roots and trunks intersecting with your piping system. With older homes, at times those tree roots will cross with your plumbing system and cause unimaginable havoc to your pipes, creating tears in the joints of your pipes and oftentimes, breaking them altogether. With widespread underground roots, these older trees are a force of nature – literally – and can be a common cause to drain replacements. To get to the “root” of this issue, it will require the plumbers to either do an open-cut repair job or a trenchless repair which will require a full pipe re-lining.

If homeowners will notice a break in their piping system, we fully recommend they don’t touch anything until a local plumber has come to assess the issue.  These older trees and your piping system are very delicate and require a steady hand and a professional touch.

Assessing Your Issue

If your piping system sounds like it can use a replacement or repair, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

At Preferred Plumbing Solutions, we’ve seen the likes of all drain leakages and repairs and no doubt understand what can be the cause of them. Being able to fully assess each issue individually has given us a full knowledge base and the know-how on how to get you going right away! Oftentimes, what might seem like a small clogged drain can result in a bigger issue and can cost thousands of dollars in damage and flooding.

Don’t wait until it’s too late and you’re left picking up the pieces of your basement or the underbelly of your bathroom floor. We’ve seen many instances where the pipes were left for too long and weren’t properly maintained resulting in larger issues down the road.

We implore our customers to do proper and constant maintenance and checks on their plumbing systems and ensuring their health and safety throughout. Here are a few images of drain replacement that we did in North York recently: Preferred Plumbing Solutions is operating in Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, and North York. Are you not sure if you need drain replacement or perhaps it’s a simple fix? Give us a call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My kitchen drain is draing very slowly, is this a problem?

Yes, it is a problem, it means that the drain is very dirty with organic waste and grease. There is an accumulation of waste that requires professional help.

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