Hot Water Problems

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Hot water problems are a common issue in many homes and businesses across the Greater Toronto area, which includes the surrounding York, Durham, and Peel Regions. They keep plumbers and mechanical services professionals busy the whole year round. Let’s discuss some of the causes of hot water problems, and what can be done to solve them.

Safety First And Foremost When Dealing With Hot Water

Probably the most important point we can make, right up front, is that unless you are a qualified plumber or hot water tank service technician, you should NOT attempt any repair of your hot water malfunction by yourself. There is an extreme risk of injury or even death when working with these types of mechanical systems.

Water, gas, and electricity all represent danger. The best advice is to enlist the services of a qualified residential plumber or technician when addressing your hot water problems.

Hot Water Problems In Your Home Or Business

Sources Of Hot Water Problems

There are a number of potential reasons why your home or business is not getting hot water out of its taps. These include:

Hot Water Problems Caused by Plumbing Issue – both gas and electric water heaters

If there is some sort of break or problem within the piping leading to or from your hot water tank, the result could be no hot water out of your taps. This is generally not a do-it-yourself type of repair. A qualified plumber should be consulted.

Hot Water Problems Caused by Electrical Issue – both gas and electric water heaters

Whether your water is heated by gas or electricity, the tank will have electronics attached to it, which switches the unit on and off, and controls the heating process. The wiring leading to the unit could be the issue, or it could be within the tank itself.

Hot Water Problems Caused by Valve Malfunction – gas water heater

The supply of gas to the hot water tank has to be unimpeded for the gas to light and heat the water in the tank. A broken or malfunctioning valve could result in water in the tank not heating, or not heating to the correct or desired temperature.

Hot Water Problems Caused by Gas Leak – natural gas water heater

A gas leak somewhere in your line could result in your hot water tank not getting the fuel it needs to heat the water in it.


Qualified personnel only should deal with natural gas issues of any kind.

Hot Water Problems Caused by Electronics on the Hot Water Tank

Most hot water tanks today have a thermostat installed on them. This unit controls the temperature of the water in the tank. Should the thermostat fail internally, or malfunction, you could lose all your hot water, have intermittent loss of hot water, or not have enough of it. The unit will require the replacement of some of its internal components, or the replacement of the thermostat altogether.

Hot Water Problems Caused by Leaking Hot Water Tank

One of the most disruptive situations is a leaking hot water tank. It could start very slow, but left unchecked, could turn into a real mess on your basement floor, in addition to the loss of your hot water supply. Hot water tanks age and deteriorate, like any other piece of equipment you own.

How To Avoid Hot Water Issues In Your Home

Your hot water system, whether residential or commercial, is a complex combination of piping, gas, and electricity, along with the hot water tank itself. Each of these components comes with its own set of mechanics, fittings, valves, switches, etc.

The simplest thing you can do as a homeowner or business owner is to have your unit inspected annually. We all know that nothing lasts forever. The parts in your hot water system are working every single day of the year. Naturally, over time, individual parts will deteriorate and eventually fail. Having a qualified plumber or technician, familiar with the workings of your hot water system, inspecting them regularly can avert a loss of your hot water. Small issues, such as faulty or intermittent switches or valves, can be repaired before they become the headache of “no hot water”.

Naturally, a proactive plan of inspection and maintenance is also the least expensive way to go over the long run, as you are minimizing the expense of running your hot water tank and system, by avoiding large-scale repairs or replacement.

Once You Encounter A Hot Water Problem

If for whatever reason, you experience a loss of hot water in your home or business, the best thing to do is to contact a qualified plumber to address the situation. For Toronto, York Region, Peel Region, and Durham Region – in fact, the entire Greater Toronto Area, we’re happy to help with all your plumbing and hot water needs.

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